Debutante Pleasing

The haughty young debutante Bess is sent to live with a plantation owner in New Orleans after her father dies. Her mother hopes she will find a suitable husband amongst the sons of the wealthy. Instead Bess and her mischievous maid Essie find an outlet for their rebellious nature and their lewd desires. Bess is addicted to the feeling of using her body to get what she desires. She loves giving herself over to the most unsavory of men. She takes pleasure in knowing her mother would be laid on a fainting couch if she knew the half of her daughter’s obscene escapades. From lowly servants to upstart merchants and a New Orleans brothel with only the roughest clientele Bess’s desires for submission and hard use are awakened in Debutante Pleasing.

This work contains scenes of rough pleasure with more than a hint of power play and control. Prepare to be used in the most pleasurable way. This is for adult eyes only.

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