I’ve always been a lover of erotic writing. From the beginning of my sexual journey I have sought pleasure from this art form. I find that no other medium can express the complexity and intensity of sex like the written word. A painting or an image can illicit an instantaneous reaction that burns with a white-hot- intensity. But, an image lacks the fuel to maintain this blaze and it quickly loses its heat. Videos are even less expressive. With their lack of originality, budget, and authenticity, most modern porn leaves you feeling like you received a steak, from a truck stop diner, when you were craving a dry aged filet. Erotica, however, can give you a delicately prepared experience, tease you with an endless array of sensations, and bring you, time and again, to the cusp of ignition, before finally allowing you to be consumed by an intense explosion of heat and satisfaction.

Sexuality is a varied and complex subject. I express this tapestry of experiences through multiple kinks, dynamics, orientations, and situations. A lot of my writing deals with power play, some even with dubious consent. I in no way support any type of violence or violation towards anyone in the real world. However, I do feel that this type of dynamic plays an indispensable role in many people’s sexual expression. My hope is that by acknowledging and exploring these dark and primitive desires through fantasy we may be able to openly experience heightened pleasure, without the stigma of judgment and fear.

Art is an endeavor of love and discovery. It is about expression. An artist must give themselves fully to this expression. If they hold back a part of themselves, or present a shallow reflection, instead of a deep truth, their audience will consciously or sub-consciously sense it. I put myself into what I write. Everything I write kindles my own fire. If I am not burning by the end of it how can I expect you, the reader, to be? My Interests are varied, and some may see my body of work as being too disjointed to have been written out of authentic desire. But, I am a writer, an artist, not a salesman who peddles a cheap a commodity. You will find fire in my work, because it was written with my own sexual passion.